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ACOUSTIC SYSTEM CeilDex Acoustic consists of:

- Fabric sheet CeilDex Acoustic;

- Fixing baguette;

- A sound-absorbing layer of the mineral wool fibers.


 In CeilDex Acoustic systems,  noise absorbing canvas is mounted on the surface of the membrane and has a sound absorption NRC = 0,9.



Completely eliminates acoustic echo, and enhances sound comfort and acoustics in rooms where you listen to music, watch movies with home theater system, as well as in offices, conference rooms, and in any other areas where you need to improve the sound environment.


Installed with soundproofing material for cloth, CeilDex Acoustic system significantly improves sound insulation of the room. Acoustic system works as a membrane, and the addition of internal mineral wool layer only increases the sound absorbing performance of the system.


Recommended for use as a sound absorbing lining of ceilings and walls of buildings, which is required to provide effective sound absorption in the medium and high frequencies. It is used to improve the acoustic environment in cases where the design  of the space requires a flat and smooth surface, which makes it impossible to use other efficient sound-absorbing linings - in home theaters, music studios, clubs, restaurants, discos, etc.

Fabric density is 220 g/m2

Canvas width 3.0 m ; 4.0 m ; 5.1 m

Colors Available
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