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>>>Here are a few options for CeilDex Design ceilings:

CeilDex plain ceilings - is a great opportunity to transform a room, fill it with light and visually expand it. The mirror surface not only looks dazzling (in the truest sense of the word), but also helps in creating a unique look for the room. This ceiling allows you to quickly and for a long time get a perfectly flat surface without first preparing the base ceiling.

CeilDex Multilevel ceilings - Multi-level stretch ceilings can have different geometries - from strict linear forms to fancy compositions. Enhance the effect by using the LED backlight. Several levels on the ceiling will allow you to zone the room, visually expand it, add beautiful lights. If necessary, using the levels, you can visually divide the room into several functional zones, taking into account the peculiarities of the space.

CeilDex Wave ceilings - allows you to get a play of light and colors that are not inherent in ordinary, even coatings. This effect is obtained by using the mounting baguette. It bends according to the future wave trajectory and is attached to the wall. Thus, the lining of the ceiling takes the form of a wave.

CeilDex Geometry ceilings - this type of CeilDex Design is a rigid structure that can have various geometric shapes, covered with PVC film on an aluminum pre-fixed base. This type of ceiling is usually used in rooms with very large areas or perimeters, where the usual stretch ceiling is not possible to mount.

CeilDex Arch ceilings - constructively, the stretch ceiling in the form of an arch is a radial transition of the walls to the ceiling. The border of the transition from the arch to the main plane of the wall can be both smooth and have fairly clear outlines. Arched ceiling is used to change the standard rectangular shape of the room and to give it a new original shape.