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popcorn ceiling coverage

In all the rooms in these photos the ceilings were covered with popcorn. In some rooms popcorn contained asbestos, its removal is a dirty and dangerous for your health process, which is also very expensive, and so the customers decided to cover it.

As of today this decision is the most meaningful from both economic and aesthetic points of view.

The decision to cover the ceiling saved our customers time, money and nerves.

Our customers obtained perfectly flat ceilings with a glossy or matte texture, and they also received a lifetime guarantee that their ceilings will not crack, they will not be get stained, and the main thing, they got rid of the popcorn ceiling forever!


Technology makes our life easier. The technology of covering popcorn ceiling with stretch ceilings simplifies the process of getting rid of popcorn. This process is extremely simple.

You no longer need to leave your home for an indefinite period of time, while popcorn is being removed there, and you do not even need to remove furniture from the premises.

1. A special aluminum profile 1 inch high is installed on the walls along the perimeter;

2. Then the stretched ceiling sheet is installed into the profile;

3. The gap between the wall and the ceiling can optionally be closed with a special insert.

As a result, you get a perfectly flat ceiling with a lifetime warranty and a 100% guarantee of safety against the harmful effects of popcorn texture.

Table comparison of popcorn covering vs popcorn removal

A few more advantages of popcorn ceiling covering with stretch ceiling against popcorn removal


 Also you should stop your choice on stretch ceilings in the following cases:

    -If the ceilings in your apartment have a small height and you want to feel more space above your head, then choose CeilDex Design (it has a glossy surface and visually increases the space in your room).

-Stretch ceiling will also be good in apartments under the roof of the house or private houses. There's a high probability of leakage in those spaces. However, sometimes not only the upper floors can be very humid. In those cases stretch ceilings are perfect.

   -If you care about long-term savings, then this is another plus towards stretch ceiling. Choosing stretch ceiling you do not have to worry about the repair of the ceiling.

Anyway the choice is left for you which type of ceiling finishing to go with…

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