Suspended Stretch Ceilings & Walls in California

Beige glossy ceiling
CeilDex Star| starry sky ceiling
8feet round soffit light fixture
CeilDex print| designer ceiling
CeilDex ceiling in the office lobby
CeilDex Star| starry sky ceiling
CeilDex Design| Multi level ceiling
CeilDex Acoustic| Home theatre
CeilDex star| starry sky ceiling
Blue sky ceiling| CeilDex print
White glossy ceiling in the bedroom
CeilDex Classic| Covering popcorn ceiling
CeilDex Light| translucent ceiling
Art ceiling| CeilDex Print
CeilDex Design| Black& white
CeilDex Acoustic| Acoustic deco wall

CeilDex Design

CeilDex Design ceilings are made of a PVC film that is very thin, yet durable or a special fabric that is mounted on a special frame. The advantage of such ceilings is that, at the request of the client, designer, or architect, you can create a perfectly even, uniform ceiling surface or give it some other form: several levels, a wave, a suspended structure, a tunnel, an arch and many others. 

CeilDex Classic

This type of stretch ceilings is the most commonly used throughout the world, this type of canvas can be called a classic. This option will suit any interior, and will not interfere with focusing on other design elements.

As in other types of ceilings, for the base, a special metal frame is used on which the thinnest PVC film is mounted/ tensioned. But CeilDex Classic is made out of matte film.

Matte film is very similar to a simple plastered surface, so it is chosen by lovers of classic interiors.

Popcorn Ceiling Covering

CeilDex Print

It's amazing how the image on the ceiling can transform a room, adding comfort to it and visually expanding the space. What images can decorate CeilDex Print ceilings? 

CeilDex Light

CeilDex Light Ceiling is a translucent canvas, which partially transmits light.  This is the original form of stretch ceilings, which has a unique ability to transmit light (about 50% for translucent canvas).With their help, completely unique masterpieces are created, the ceiling with "windows" or in the form of a glass roof. 

CeilDex Acoustic

(ceilings and walls)

Sound comfort is very important in the modern world. Extraneous noises created by machines and other equipment affect one’s health and human health no less than bad ecology.

CeilDex Banners

CeilDex Banner is a method of decorating walls with the help of special heat-shrinking fabric, which is attached around the perimeter with the help of special profiles.

On these canvases, as is the case with ceilings CeilDex Print, a high-quality photo printing is applied.

CeilDex Wall Textile

CeilDex Epoxy

(floors and countertops)

CeilDex Stars


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