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>>> CeilDex Banner can be used almost anywhere you want. Shrink fabric is a very dense and sturdy material, it can not be damaged by most objects or hands. Is it possible to make an outlet, a switch in the tension wall, hang a TV or shelf on it? Yes, of course it is. The only setback is that it can be done only during the installation of the stretch wall.


CeilDex Banner has a lot of advantages and an unlimited number of design options. After all, photography can be completely unique. Moreover, photo printing on the wall can be supplemented with highlights. The glow can be set up along the contour of the entire tension wall, creating the bulkiness of the picture, and certain areas of the picture that are worth highlighting can be highlighted.


CeilDex Banner installation steps:


  •   Special plastic profile is mounted around the perimeter of the wall


  •   Further, if there should be sockets, switches and other fastening and recessed elements on the wall, special holders are       installed in these places, wires are brought in, communications are strengthened, etc.


  •   Then the canvas of the stretch wall itself, with the image or design chosen by you is installed


  •   And at the end additional elements are attached, under which the mortgages were made: sockets, switches, etc


You enjoy the result for many years!


The most important advantages of this type of wall decoration are unimaginable design possibilities and uniqueness!!!

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