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Ceiling Tiles

     Drop ceiling in addition to ease of installation and affordability also gives excellent sound and heat insulation. Extensive plenums provides easy access to install lights and other communications. Access to those communications and repair of the ceiling is easy and doesn't require any tools. However, drop ceiling is not very strong and does not actually protect against leakage from the top, and if the tile is made out of fiber, the moisture could break it. Curved in terms of configuration with drop ceiling is impossible to obtain, and the design with diagonal ceiling negates all its simplicity and cheapness: for such work shall be taken only highly paid master, and it will require a lot of time.

     Our experts have developed alternative option for impractical, boring tiles for drop ceilings. Instead, with the help of a small financial outlay, you can get tiles of PVC material with 15 years warranty!!! Plates of PVC film:

- Are not exposed to moisture (100% waterproof )

- Are not exposed to direct sunlight

- Very durable

- Do not support burning

- Easy to clean

- Varied in texture and colors (about 140 colors and shades)


Compare suspended stretch ceiling and suspended drop ceiling: 

1. Installation of the suspended drop ceiling requires a lot of time. It may take from several days to several weeks. Installation of the suspended stretch ceiling, even the most complex one, takes 1-3 days.

2. Suspended stretch ceiling is much easier to care for: it does not need to be painted, repaired, you just have to clean it periodically. And it is very rare, because it repels dust and soot. Repair is not required even in the event of a leaking. You cannot say that about the suspended drop ceiling.

3. Suspended stretch ceiling takes 3-5 times less space between the main ceiling and itself than a suspended drop ceiling, which is useful when you need to preserve the height of the room.

4. Suspended stretch ceilings are  not afraid of water or moisture, and suspended drop ceilings make yellow stains on its surface in contact with moisture. 

5. Suspended stretch ceilings have more than 140 colors and textures, and suspended drop ceilings are not as diverse. 

6. Suspended stretch ceilings will save your money at the expense of its durability, because you pay just once and after that, forget about repairing the ceiling for decades.



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