Fabric Ceiling & Walls

Stretch ceilings with printed image - the perfect solution for any type of premises. It is a way to save money on designer, but at the same time receive an individual and unusual interior of his house. You can choose any image: from art reproductions to photos from the family album. Printing is possible both on the ceiling and walls. The pattern is applied using a wide-format digital printer on the white material, with the printed image on the canvas retains all the original colors. At your request we can prepare a design project with a total view of the room in which planned construction works.


Clipso Stretch canvas with photo printing are absolutely safe in the interior - they do not emit odors and harmful substances, and the materials themselves with applied image meets all the environmental requirements.


Select picture for printing you can choose from anywhere! 


Using professional paint for printing on stretch ceilings prolongs the service pattern and allows you to easily take care of the canvas ceiling. It can be cleaned with a soft, dry cloth to remove dust or cobwebs. This ceiling does not fade in the sun and does not fade over time.


The image itself does not affect the quality characteristics of fabrics. All of the unique properties of the material stored. Even in areas with high humidity can be set ceilings with photo printing.


The pattern is applied to the ceiling of any size. There is only one caveat: you must take into account the resolution of the image in order to avoid blurred the final image. But, again, this is the degree of professionalism of the designer, not the quality of digital printing. Observe the correct resolution for the area of ​​the web - you get a great result. Thus, the image file format should be tiff, psd, eps, and the size of the original image - at least 70 dpi.


Photoprinted ceiling will fulfill all expectations: you get a bright interior with excellent stretch ceilings. That's really really - a harmony of form and content.