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About company


     The first stretch ceiling produced by our company came to life in 2003.

     Over the years of work in this business, we have gained a lot of experience and knowledge, which we yearn to share with you to implement the most daring projects.

     Our company offers a complete array of services for professionals (architects, designers, builders) as well as for ordinary users. All our products have a lifelong guarantee of quality and service, so you can rest assured you're getting a quality product.

     In the process of work, we have developed unique and patented solutions allowing to make installation of the stretch ceilings even more perfect.

     The materials used are suitable for decorating walls and ceilings in the premises of any purpose:

  • Apartments;

  • Houses;

  • Country houses;

  • Offices;

  • Stores;

  • Medical institutions;

  • Training classes;

  • Sports halls;

  • Swimming pools.

     We offer a color palette of over 200 colors and textures as well as the possibility of applying any image on the surface of the fabric and giving it any shape.

     We can say with confidence that, with our products, your opportunities are limited only by your imagination.



About Product

Interior Design


  • CeilDex Technology allows you to create all forms: horizontal, vertical, circular, curvilinear, 3D

  • It is suitable for any surfaces, shapes and premises;

  • An infinite number of options for the design with wide-format printing technology

  • Stretch ceilings allow you to realize any design solutions


  • Stretch ceilings allow to remove the ceiling for several minutes (for access to the hidden communications, conditioning, fire fighting systems, electrical wiring, etc.);

  • Allows you to install lamps, ventilation and other technical elements;

  • It is suitable for any style in any room;

Simplicity and speed

  • Stretch ceiling installation can be made very fast, even in fully equipped and operating rooms, in a matter of just a few hours.

  •  Installation is carried out by professional installation staff.


Acoustics and aesthetics

Stretch ceiling film absorbs sound creating better acoustics in the room

  • It allows you to optimize the absorption of sound in different rooms


Acoustic comfort system

Light Bulbs


  • Along with the stretch ceilings and walls, one can use any kind of lighting fixtures: exterior (chandeliers), built-in (spotlights) or hidden (LED-lights installed behind the surface of the system)

  •  Translucent ceilings and walls create a unique atmosphere in the room

Abstract Water

Water resistance

  • Stretch ceiling fabrics are not sensitive to moisture, so they can be used for vapor barriers in the rooms with high humidity;

  • To clean the ceiling, you can use plain water

  • Due to its moisture resistance, the ceilings can protect your house or office from flooding caused by the breakage of fire extinguishing systems, ventilation, or flooding;

  • After the water has been drained, the film gets its original appearance.


  • For production of 10,000 square feet of CeilDex stretch ceilings and walls, only 360 pounds of raw material are used (for comparison, for the production of wood panels of the same area, 20,000 pounds of wood are used);

  • Stretch ceilings and walls can be used for more than 20 years;

  • 100% recyclable;

  • Non-toxic (meet all international environmental standards)



  • The stretch ceilings and walls materials does not support combustion;

  • Due to its flexibility and light weigh, it will not collapse during an earthquake, but due to its durability, it will not let communication lines collapse;

  • Stretch ceiling materials have a fire certificate of grade A (does not support combustion at all)

Dollar Bills


  • Stretch ceilings can last for more than 20 years

  • Do not require additional operating costs (tint)

  • Do not require additional treatment of wall and ceiling surface before installation;

  • Protect metal structures hidden behind the ceiling against corrosion;


How to place the order?

  • For placing an order, you need to contact us, and tell us when it will be convenient for you to meet the engineer for measuring, or send an e-mail with drawings of the premises or structures where the structure will be installed;

  • To select the desired color and texture of the fabric, to tell about your wishes regarding the lighting and other elements embedded in the surface of the fabric.

  •  We will conduct calculation and prepare the contract;

  • Then, the materials for stretch ceilings will be produced according to the drawings and equipped with additional elements referred to in the specification;

  • The stretch ceilings are installed in clean rooms where there is no dust and dirt;

  • At the coordinated time, the installation staff will arrive at the facility to fulfill the installation;

  • After the installation, cleaning is done.


Why Choose Us?

  Hi. I’m Andy. I’ve been engaged in business of suspended stretch ceilings for more than 15 years and I know almost everything about them.

       I could easily tell you about their excellent performance, because they really excel their competitors according to all parameters (moisture resistance, durability, operating costs etc.)

Instead, I want to tell you how wonderful this technology is and how it can help you solve the most unusual tasks.

     For interior designers and architects, this technology allows to realize the most ambitious projects due to the color palette of over 200 colors and textures, and the flexibility and elasticity of the material makes it possible to give it any shape.

     For contractors, when you have a difficult job that needs to be realized in a short time to make ceiling and wall renovation, our technology comes to the rescue, because installation of standard stretch ceiling is made only during several hours.

 For business owners, our technology will make minor renovation in a cafe, restaurant, beauty salon, office without ceasing the operation of an enterprise. We will fulfill all the job at a nonworking time, and as the installation of the ceiling almost does not leave dust and dirt, the next morning you will be able to serve your customers.

     For businessmen in the real estate business, the stretch ceilings and walls technology will allow to make minor renovation in the house quickly and efficiently thereby significantly increasing its attractiveness to buyers.

    The list is very long, because the possibilities of this technology are truly endless, and everyone can find in it some new solutions for their needs.

       My best wishes.


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