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What is the stretch ceiling ?

Technical information of the stretch system material

What is the stretch ceiling?

Stretch ceilings are made by individual size and configuration of the room. When mounting, the canvas of stretch ceiling is heated up with gas guns to 158*F, after which the film is softened, and it is stretched on the pre-assembled profile. Stretch ceilings are available in different colors and textures (gloss, satin, mat, suede and so on. d.). The distinctive advantage of such ceilings is that they are water resistant and aesthetic appealing.

 The most popular textures - glossy, matte and satin.

* Glossy ceilings can achieve interesting effects in terms of design. Glossy ceilings have a wide color gamut. Their advantage - mirror image. The room visually increases with the use of such texture.

* Matte ceiling - a classical variant. This ceiling will easily fit into any decor and will not detract from the decorative elements of the room. Matte stretch ceilings have no reflections and glare, so they will give a perfect color.

* Satin ceilings are similar to matte, but their relief is smooth, thanks to that reflective properties of the fabric are enhanced, and it seems blindingly white. Satin texture imparts a slight reflection of light, the canvas becomes almost pearlescent hue.

Presentation Stretch Ceiling Technology



  • Strip width: 1.3meter(4,26 ft.) up to 5.0meter(16,4 ft.);

  • Film thickness: average 0.17 mm +/- 0.1 mm;

  • Formulation: PVC;

  • Existing textures: glossy, mat, sateen, translucent;

  • Fire safety: the material does not burn (it does not sustain combustion);

  • Freeze-thaw resistance: down to -23°F.


Advantages of the film material:


  • High quality;

  • Moisture proof;

  • Compliant with all global environmental standards;

  • Great deal of shade and textur Moisture proof e choices.


Installation prerequisites for stretch systems:


  • It is not necessary to prepare the room in advance: installation can be made in a fully furnished apartment, equipped office, etc.;

  • Installation time saving: installation will take from 4 hours to 2 days;

  • Installation does not cause any noise, dust, dirt or construction waste. Does not require fresh water;

  • The room does not have to be isolated after installation: no odors and other post-installation inconveniences;


Exploitation peculiarities:


  • Not affected by house settling;

  • Tolerate humidity and temperature drops;

  • Sunlight proof (do not sunburn, do not change initial shade);

  • Earthquake proof (do not break apart);

  • Moisture proof (hold up to 100 l/m2(26,42gallons) if flooded from top)), do not condensate water;

  • Electrostatically neutral (do not attract dust);

  • Working temperature range: +32°F to +158 °F;

  • No special care is needed, wet cleaning is possible;

  • Do not steam harmful substances, do not absorb odors.

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