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>>> Noise load is a source of daily discomfort and stress today, whether in public or private spaces. This has a significant impact on health and performance. This is one of the reasons why there are more and more rules regarding acoustics.

Thanks to CeilDex Acoustic technology, specially designed for ceilings and walls, it is possible to significantly reduce unwanted noise by achieving good acoustics, and thus providing comfort to which we all strive in everyday life.

The appearance of CeilDex Acoustic ceilings and walls is not much different from the perfectly executed and painted plaster. The maximum width of the used canvases is 16 ft., which makes it possible to get a perfectly smooth, seamless surface even in rooms with large footage.


The Ceildex acoustic system is easy to install in any interior (classical or modern) due to its versatility and a wide range of materials and textures.


Perfectly suited for movie theaters. CeilDex Acoustic ceilings and walls create a professional sound space in cinemas.


Modern interiors, as a rule, are minimalist, and the materials used to create them (Drywall, Glass, Stone, Metal etc.) reflect the sound well. To eliminate sound discomfort, you can use CeilDex Acoustic, decorating individual interior elements.


In the bedrooms and rooms for rest, CeilDex Acoustic system creates not only sound comfort but also due to soft fabric texture creates a feeling of comfort.


In places of large crowds of people, a large number of reflected sound waves are created, which makes it difficult to effectively communicate during meetings and negotiations. CeilDex Acoustic systems help effectively solve this problem.

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