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CeilDex Star|Infinity Star Ceiling System 

Starry sky ceiling is the most beautiful way to customise your living or commercial space

Do you like to enjoy the night sky? Especially in the summer, somewhere far from the city, where the stars seem larger, brighter? Now it’s something that you can watch every day at your home! It truly brings the sense of undiscoveredGalaxy into your room. 

Upon Installation Provides Absolutely, Perfect, Ideally Finished Surface


  • Hides All Existing Ceiling Imperfections

  • Large Variety of Possible Designs

  • Supports All Types of Ceiling Fixtures

  • Integrates Any Type of Light Fixtures

  • Non Toxic (in Conformity with European and US Standards)

  • Resistant to Cold and Heat

  • Noise Absorbing. Acoustically Efficient

  • Increasing Ceilings Height

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