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CeilDex Print ceilings

>>> Almost any! It can be an abstract pattern or colored stains, flowers, a clear summer sky, imitation tree crowns, sea water, patterns, copies of the famous ceiling frescoes, butterflies, imitation glass dome - you can't lists all the possibilities. You can use the image from your own archives - for example, a photo or an image in electronic form, but you need to know that the image must comply with a number of technical parameters and have a very large resolution.


In addition to beauty, CeilDex Print ceiling has a lot of practical advantages. It requires almost no maintenance, except that from time to time it should be cleaned with a dry or damp cloth. However, this is rarely required - CeilDex stretch ceilings do not attract dust. There is no need to fear that in a few years the ceiling will sag, crack or dull - this does not happen. Fungus and mold are also not a problem to stretch ceilings. In addition, the stretch ceiling allows you to hide all communications - for example, wires and pipes, as well as any irregularities of the ceiling itself. Modern printing technologies make it possible to apply very high quality drawing on seamless canvas up to 5 meters wide. Special ink is used to create CeilDex Print ceilings. They are environmentally friendly and do not emit substances harmful to the body, they do not smell, do not fade even in direct sunlight and are not afraid of moisture. These properties allow you to install CeilDex Print ceilings in any room, be it a living room, bathroom or kitchen.

Here are a few examples of CeilDex Print Ceilings:

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