CeilDex Light ceilings

>>> The entire ceiling can be turned into a source of soft light. Such a stretch ceiling could be used with different types of illumination (tape, spot, white, color, LED panels, etc.) to give the room the desired effect. If you do not use the backlight, the color of the material will be light but not snow-white. But it can be combined with any other canvases, with level transitions, with volumetric interior UV printing of patterns, creating a stained glass effect on a translucent canvas. All lighting devices are installed on the main ceiling, and hidden from the eyes by a stretch ceiling.


CeilDex Light stretch ceilings, as a rule, are used to obtain the effect of the most natural lighting in the room. They help to highlight and fill with light not the whole room, but a certain part of the room. For example, in the kitchen-dining room it will be the dining part, in the children's room - a game or study area.