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Backlit light ceilings

Have you ever wondered what kind of ideal lighting should be? When the light equally and softly illuminates the entire space and objects without  creating  shadows. But how is this possible? With CeilDex backlit light technology, your entire ceiling may turn into a source of comfortable, even and soft light. But is it possible to ask you and we will no doubt answer you in the affirmative. With solutions from CeilDex Light - it is possible.

Using the most advanced experience and technical solutions, we will turn your ceiling into a source of even light. But if necessary, we can install additional lighting equipment with which you can select individual zones in the interior, as well as install RGB lamps to create a special atmosphere with the help of color.


How it works: - The required number of small lamps is installed on the base ceiling that cover the entire ceiling area, then all this equipment is covered with a translucent stretch ceiling. The translucent material of the stretch ceiling diffuses light from the luminaires softly and seamlessly.

You can see the effectiveness of suspended ceilings in most Apple stores, Microsoft stores, Tesla showrooms etc.

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