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Stretch ceilings look amazing just as they are, but the most interesting effect can be achieved by using multi-level structures with backlight. Stretch ceilings with print can be used even in very complex designs with round or oval features.

In addition to beauty, stretch ceiling with photo printing has many purely practical advantages. It requires virtually no maintenance, except that from time to time it needs to be wiped with a dry or damp cloth. However, it is rarely needed - the ceilings do not attract dust. Do not be afraid that the ceiling will sag, crack or fade a few years after installation - it will not happen. Fungus and mold are also not a problem for stretch ceiling. In addition, stretch ceiling will hide all the communications - such as wires and pipes, as well as any imperfections of the base ceiling.

Another very important advantage - flood protection. The roof leaked or the pipe burst? No one is safe from that. Such a problem can ruin the finish of any room, but if you have a stretch ceiling you don't have to worry. The stretch ceiling is moisture resistant. It will delay all the water, and then it can be carefully drained away through  a special drain hole. However, neither the fabric or pattern on it will be damaged.  

Printing technology on the surface of stretch ceilings

Modern printing technology makes it possible to apply a very high quality image onto seamless canvas with widths up to 5 meters. Special inks are used to create stretch ceilings with photo printing. They are environmentally friendly and do not emit harmful substances to the body, do not smell, do not fade even under direct sunlight and is are not afraid of moisture. These properties allow you to set ceilings with photo printing in any room, whether living room, bathroom or kitchen.

You can choose the suspended ceiling made of PVC film or polyester impregnated with polyurethane. Fabric ceilings are usually matte, while the PVC ceiling films are different - matte, satin or glossy. The choice depends on your taste, but it should be noted that printing on glossy ceiling is particularly bright and clear.

Printing on canvas for stretch ceilings is made using a special wide-format printer. There are three basic methods of printing - eco-solvent, latex and UV printing. What are all these terms?

Eco-solvent printing is performed using solvent inks, which allows to allows a very high detail and even a 3D-effect. These inks are durable, they do not fade with time. Perhaps the most common method.

UV printing involves the use of special UV inks - environmentally friendly, compact and bright, so it is well suited for printing images on dark or colored ceiling. But there is a drawback - the width of the print is limited to 2.2 meters. If you need a picture of greater width, you will have to accept the need of the seam - however, experienced craftsmen can disguise it so that it will not be noticeable.

Latex printing makes it possible to apply the image even on a very wide canvas and provides high image quality and compact coat.

Features of art ceiling installation

Installation of a stretch ceiling with photo printing does not differ from the installation of a regular stretch ceiling. This is a very fast and "clean" process. Stretch ceiling canvas is fixed between the profiles, mounted around the perimeter of the room. The profiles are fixed to the walls or ceiling with dowels or screws. Then the canvas is mounted, which is preheated by heat gun - this is done so that the cloth is soft and pliable.

After the installation,  the canvas cools down and becomes elastic and absolutely smooth, and the gaps between the walls and stretch ceiling are closed with decorative inserts or plinth. Duration of the process depends on the size and complexity of the ceiling, but it is usually a few hours.

Stretch ceilings with photo printing: Types of interior solutions

How to choose the image for a stretch ceiling with photo printing? Focus on your preferences, but do not forget about the peculiarities of the room. The ceiling should be in harmony with the environment and the appointment of the premises. The pattern may repeat the main colors of the interior - for example, if the room has the orange carpet, the same color on the ceiling will "rhyme" well with it. You can play on the contrast, choosing a color that will emphasize the tone of the wallpaper or furniture.

Drawing of a sky - clear or with small clouds - is an absolute bestseller, and this is not surprising. In fact, sky-blue, according to psychologists, has the most beneficial effect on our mood. 

But we have many other images in our catalog. The living room can be decorated in a classic style reproductions of Italian frescos, and the owners of modern minimalist apartment can choose abstract pattern. For the kitchen, scattering of bright fruit or foliage will be appropriate, in the bathroom - an imitation of the water surface and marine motifs. For the ceiling in the bedroom, you can choose delicate flowers, butterflies or picture of a "starry sky".

Glossy ceilings are optimal for rooms with low ceilings - this texture visually makes the room higher and more spacious. If you are lucky and you live in an apartment with high ceilings, it will suit any fabric.

How much does printing on stretch ceilings?

The cost of the stretch ceiling with photo printing primarily depends on the type of fabric. Printing on matte and satin ceilings is about 8$ per sq/ft, on glossy slightly more expensive - about 10-12$ per sq/ft. If you want to print the image on the ceiling using your image, it may slightly increase the cost.

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