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On this page we provide some of our projects




To implement it, we were invited by the company in San Francisco. We had a very difficult task to do. 


The building in which we had to install sound-absorbing panels has a historical and architectural value, and the main thing was not to harm anything. 


And at the moment the building is used by the federal government, so that the work had to be carried out quickly and quietly, not to disturb the employees working in the building.


We have carefully selected materials, so that the shade of color on the wall would be completely coincided with shade of the fabric set. In the choice, we stopped at a specially made for this purpose CLIPSO sound-absorbing fabric. In the base, behind the CLIPSO fabric, we have installed an additional layer of sound-absorbing material.


This combination has increased the sound absorption to a factor of 1.0 (100%). All premises in which the work was carried out was provided to us for 3 days. During this time, we had to remove all lights, grille ventilation systems, as well as safety sensors and fire extinguishing systems.


Then install the mounting profile in the places told by the architects,mount a layer of sound-absorbing material and sound-absorbing fabric CLIPSO. Then, it was necessary to put back all dismantled equipment.


With this task we coped.

Stretch ceiling for UCLA volleyball team.


This project we have carried out in the locker room of UCLA women's volleyball team.

We have installed stretch ceilings and walls as well as we have installed a separate structure with the team logo, illuminated from the inside. This structure was made by us according to the drawings of the designer. Special attention should be mounted on the wall logo. It had more than thirty of the fixing points. The whole installation of suspended stretch ceilings and walls was made by us in a single day.

Ceilings and walls are made in the team colors. We hope that our work will help the athletes feel the team spirit. We wish them only victories at home arena.


Designer ceiling for kitchen


It's habitual to hear about designer furniture, but today we want to tell you about the designer ceiling.

Customers have immediately put in front of us is not a simple task. They asked us to offer them a ceiling project in their kitchen that they have decided to completely renovate.

And so here is our project.

We used gapless stretch ceiling mounting system. The ceiling has turned into three levels, middle of which is a white translucent film beyond which LED stripes are placed.

A wonderful result. The color of the ceiling (dark chocolate) is beautifully combined with a cream shade of the cabinets. An LED lighting took over the function of the main light in the kitchen.

Stretch ceiling is unlimited customization opportunities of your home or business.

Never forget about your ceilings!

Reconstruction in the house or office requires a lot of time and effort. You must foresee everything, take care about walls and floor. What the furniture will look like. And very commonly the ceiling is being left without any attention. We just forget about it.

And that’s bad, because ceiling is the only place in the premise which cannot be covered with some kind of furniture. CeilDex is ready to help with such a hard task as ceiling repair. We use the stretch ceiling technology, which is well known in Europe, but it is just gaining popularity in USA. We provide more than 200 shades and textures for your future ceiling, and its shape is only limited by your imagination.

On the picture you can see that the customer entrusted us her ceilings in the whole apartment. We developed individual design for each room and installed our ceilings in a few days.

With stretch ceiling technology we will make your house look awesome.

Installation suspended stretch ceiling in the house   in Oxnard

Oxnard is a  beautiful and very charming town located almost on the beach. In one community standing on the bank of the channel, there is a beautiful house in Art Nouveau style. Interior decoration is impressive: the walls are covered with Venetian plaster, the floor is covered with marble and the ceilings are painted with expensive paint.

But the idyll was violated with the break of water pipe in the bathroom on the second floor. The ceiling in the lobby got ugly stains and the drywall swelled...

It requires complete replacement of drywall!!! And this means mud all over the house for weeks ... But there is a way.

It is stretch ceilings. Stretch ceiling is a thin but highly durable membrane made of environmentally friendly material, which is set 1 inch below the surface of the base ceiling, hiding all its irregularities. Stretch ceiling has a glossy texture. It is very harmoniously fit into the interior of the house, adding charm and sophistication.

Just multi level stretch glossy ceiling in the apartment
Beauty saloon M&A Nails

Beauty salon must be beautiful itself. Customer who has come for a haircut or a manicure must be dissolved in an atmosphere of comfort and style. He must feel beautiful and well-kept.

Our customers, the owners of the salon, made a beautiful renovation: they put tiles on the floor,  and the walls are covered with expensive European wallpaper, they also bought the best equipment for manicure, pedicure and haircut. But one thing remains - the ceiling.

The ceiling was usually painted as usually  ...

It contrasted sharply with the rest of the interior, it just looked ugly.

Due to the short time we have not been able to propose radical solutions to the ceiling design. We found a few practical and aesthetic solutions and started the project. A week later the project was handed over. What came out of it see pictures and visit the salon at ...

Make yourself beautiful in beautiful salons ...

Another interesting project ...

Today we want to tell you about a ceiling in the kitchen. Yes, once again in the kitchen. But in this case, the customer faced not only aesthetic problem, but also practical. She  faced the more engineering kind of problem. The difference between ceiling levels was 6 inches, and after the installation of kitchen furniture the level difference just looked ugly and to solve the problem by traditional methods was impossible. In our ceiling we installed systems of lighting and ventilation grilles. What came of it?

It is better to see once than hear a hundred times! See photos and videos "before" and "after".

Stretch ceiling in the kitchen
Stretch Ceiling at Americana in the restaurant FRIDA(Glendale)

Our new project is the ceilings in the restaurant. This restaurant is located in a very nice place at Americana in Glendale.

Stretch ceilings have already been installed there more than 10 years ago. Stretch ceilings create a unique atmosphere inside, due to the fact that they reflect the interior like a mirror and have a dark blue color, even during the day it seems that you are sitting under the clear night sky. But unfortunately due to the harsh conditions of the ceilings, they have deteriorated.

Restaurant Frida is a very popular place of recreation for residents and visitors of Glendale, it is always full of people, and therefore only time for work we had was the night. Three ceilings - three nights in a very harsh conditions at a height of 16 ft and with limited time we have reinstalled three ceilings. 

Restaurant Frida again welcomes its guests with new, shiny glossy stretch ceilings, giving them a unique atmosphere of spaciousness and comfort.

P.S. we recommend you to visit this wonderful restaurant and enjoy fine food and atmosphere of this place ...

Big Project in NoHo. NO LIMIT Training Facility

The owner of the No Limit trademark decided to open a new facility training in North Hollywood. For that, he rented an old warehouse that required repairs. Since for the repair the owner did not have a lot of time, he was looking for professionals who will be able to make remodeling of the building very quickly. Remodeling also required a ceiling, because the base ceiling of the warehouse was ugly and very old, in addition, a lot of lighting fixtures, ventilation outlets, etc. had to be added to the ceiling. None of the modern types of ceiling finishing are suitable for solving these problems in such a short time. Only stretch ceilings can quickly and qualitatively solve such problems, not to mention the fact that this kind of decoration serves for decades, it is easy to clean, does not crack, is not covered with stains, it is moisture-proof and heat-resistant. As a result, we completed this project on time and the owner was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the work and the incredible beauty of the glossy dark gray material that he chose himself. 

Choosing stretch ceilings, each customer receives much more than just a ceiling, you can see for yourself in the photos of this project.


"Book monster"(Santa Monica")


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