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Covering popcorn ceiling

Ceiling after popcorn removal

But alas, the removal of popcorn texture is only half-way through. Underneath you will find drywall. Over the years, it sagged and covered with muddy spots. You will have to align and paint it. This is not an easy task because it requires skills and quality materials. That means that your house will not be inhabited for at least a few weeks after operation, because removing popcorn texture, aligning and painting the ceiling is a quite dirty process. Not inevitably you will have to paint the walls, and possibly even repair the floor. It costs a lot of money. Of course there is an option to paint the hated popcorn with special protective paint but no paint will hide its ugly texture.

Ceiling trough popcorn removal

However, not everything is bad.

The output is still there. Very simple, beautiful, reliable and relatively inexpensive way to get rid of the popcorn in your home. And this way is the stretch ceilings ...

Stretch ceilings is easy!

1. You need to call us or leave a request on the website.

2. Our experts will contact you and agree on a convenient time for the measurements of your ceiling.

3. We give you your estimate. You will pay 50%

4. After 5-10 days at a time convenient for you our experts will come to you to carry out installation work.

Very important!!! You do not need to leave your home! All work is carried out very clean and takes only a few hours. And after completion of the work you will only have to put into place the furniture which was moved to the center of the room before installation. 5. After installation, you will get a certificate for a lifetime warranty on all installed products in your home.

Ceiling after covering
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